When it come to selling your property investment property a whole host of delays and issues set in, which serve only to stall the selling process. And at an already stressful time, these hold-ups can have serious physiological effects on you. Most of us require to discover a buyer for our ancient home before they can move on, and the transfer can often take a great deal longer than they first thought it would, leaving us either homeless, or with four properties to look after and deal with. Add to that the general strains of everyday life and full time employment, and it becomes simple to see why moving house can be a stressful time.

There are loads and loads of factors that come in to play when selling a house that can slow down the method. The very first thing does that prevent a fast house sale is the house itself. If the house is not up to standards in things like decor and tidiness, chances are you’ll find it hard to quickly shift the property. If your home is not up to standard in terms of appearance, it can add weeks if not months on to the selling of the property, as buyers will be fast to take their money elsewhere. People will most likely go for no money down deals because these deal are at little risk to them.

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Selling a house brings with it the dreaded but inevitable surveyor’s document, examining the structural condition of the property. If you are even thinking about selling your home, and you are looking for a fast house sale, you ought to think about commissioning your own surveyor to examine the property. That way, you can avoid any unexpected delays later down the line, allowing you to quickly sell your home. Only use a RICS certified surveyor though, because they will give you an honest price, while others may not.