Luxembourg is one of the best places to live in the world. It has a high quality of life, a picturesque landscape, and very a diverse population. Over 45% of this population is made up of expatriates. And if you are also looking to move to Luxembourg, then you need an excellent place to stay. Rentals are advised, especially for newcomers. This is because they help you acclimatize yourself to your new home, without dropping any real root. The rental system is fair, but to successfully rent a flat in Luxembourg here is some information you need.

rent a flat in Luxembourg

Finding the right flat

Renting a flat for yourself starts with the search for the perfect apartment for you. Some of the factors you would want to look out for include the prices of these flats and their fit with your budget, their locations, the number of rooms they have available, and amenities that come with each flat.

A good place to begin this search is online, on websites with property listings. Relocation agencies are another good one as they can also help with finding schools for children. Also, if costs are a real issue for you, then you could consider shared living.

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Rental Contracts

After selecting a flat to rent, a contract will need to be signed.  This contract stipulates the amount to be paid, the duration of your rent’s validity, and other terms of occupancy such as pet policies. These contracts are usually in Luxembourgish, French or German. Due to this, you will need to hire a translator to help you understand the terms and the fine print. Before a property can be rented out, you will also need to provide proof of identification, e.g., an international passport. Take note; it is essential that you understand this contract before you sign.

Payment of Rent

The amount to be paid as rent for a fixed amount of time is agreed upon in the rental contract. This amount of time is usually monthly, and according to the law, the annual rent must not exceed 5% over what the property cost the landlord in buying or construction costs. Also, you should know that you are required to pay a portion of the common expenses if you live in an apartment building.

Rights And Responsibilities of the Tenant

After signing the rental agreement and paying the rent on time, you are now a bonafide tenant of a flat in Luxembourg. This comes with some rights and responsibilities for you. Your responsibilities include payment of utility charges like water and electricity bills. And although petty maintenance of the property is your responsibility, more extensive repairs are the responsibility of the landlord. The Luxembourg Civic Tribunal oversees any issue between landlord and tenant, but fear not, this is a place where the rental system  tenants.

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Terminating the Rental Agreement

If the tenant and landlord are satisfied with the terms and conditions that have been given, and with the conduct of the other, a rental agreement may continue indefinitely. But if this is not so, here are the right ways to terminate this lease. The tenant must give notice at least three months to the time of termination. Although this might be reduced if the tenant has a replacement occupant for the property.

When evaluations to the property have been done, and the keys returned to the landlord, the tenant has a right to get back the deposit they paid while renting. This is dependent on the state of the property.