Extensive investment opportunities in Tenerife

tenerife properties

Opportunities for those looking to invest in the Spanish property market are rife in Tenerife where strong tourist numbers and internal population growth are fuelling demand for rental accommodation. Continue reading “Extensive investment opportunities in Tenerife” »

Spain set to see additional interest from investors

Spain properties

Spain is likely to attract renewed interest from overseas property buyers, an expert has predicted. Continue reading “Spain set to see additional interest from investors” »

Choosing your First Home

Choosing your First Home

If you are ready to move out of your apartment, there is no time better than now.  Beginning to search for your first home is an important step to having the ability to build better finances and to live in a place that is comfortable.  If you are considering a new home, there are specific things that you will want to know before jumping in with both feet. Continue reading “Choosing your First Home” »

Buying your first home in Las Vegas?

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You have made the decision to make one of the largest investments you’ll ever make in your life-buying your first home in Las Vegas. You’re excited, but at the same time worried. Some of the questions you may be asking are: Will I be able to afford the home of my dreams? Do I have enough money for a down payment? Can I get a home inspected before I make an offer? Continue reading “Buying your first home in Las Vegas?” »

Buying apartments in Hanoi

serviced apartments in Hanoi

Both overseas Vietnamese and foreigners are now allowed to buy into condominium developments and own an apartment in Hanoi or Vietnam once they meet certain conditions. The law states that foreign organisations and individuals are allowed to buy and own an apartment in a commercial housing development project and that foreign individuals can own an apartment for 50 years and extend ownership once for another 70 years. They must be backed up by documents that prove that they will stay in the country for a year or that they already have stayed for a year. Each foreigner can own only one apartment at a time although foreign organisations can own an apartment for as long as the period specified in their investment license. Continue reading “Buying apartments in Hanoi” »