Thai property law can seem very daunting for a non-Thai citizen wanting to purchase property in Thailand. The most common and recommended method for foreigners to own property is to set up a Thai Limited Company upon purchase. Property agencies offer complete managment of this process as standard with any build or development.

Of course there other methods in which to buy property legally in Thailand. Being married to a Thai National is a straight forward process, where all purchases be made in the spouses name. You can also purchase land on a 30 year lease agreement.

Pattaya Property

Please bear in mind however, that although Thai property law can sometimes seem very restrictive, it is probably no different to the rules and regulations of many countries in the world. There are many foreigners living a wonderful life in Thailand, without any problems. Thai property law is evolving very quickly at the moment, and it appears the Thailand government are taking steps to simplify this process for the future. We will keep this section updated with any new changes.

If you would like any further information regarding any aspect of buying property in Pattaya or Thailand, please contact us.